Henna Ruusu for Espoo city council

Welcome to my site! I am running for Espoo city council in Finnish municipal election in autumn 2012. I am member of the Green Party in Finland. Read more about the election and the Green goals and the Greens in Espoo.

I am 37 years old and I have one kid and two cats. I live in Karakallio (more precisely Rastaspuisto) that is rather near Leppävaara. I hold a master’s degree in computer science and engineering and a bachelor’s degree in theology.

I want Espoo to be a well planned and functioning city and good place to live for all residents.

Himpun verran parempaa politiikkaa! – A little bit better politics!

I admit that my slogan is not very informative. It can be translated as ”A little bit better politics” or ”Himppu’s worth better politics”. Many people know me as himppu as that is my nickname in the net.

A functioning city consists of so many things it is difficult to name just a few that are important. I value greatly:

  • Equality
    For all. that is for boys and girls, for men and women, for poor and wealthy, for people of every nationality, every religion etc…. Services of the city should serve everyone.
  • Culture
    Libraries are treasures. They are information and culture that is affordable for all. We need small libraries nearby and also big ones offering more opportunities. We need theatres, music and art to enjoy, to express ourselves, to relax in hobbies.
  • Open and fair politics
    This is a central theme of the Green party, so I cite “Decision-making is undertaken both openly and independently and stands up to scrutiny.
  • Prevention of problems
    Prevention of problems is wise whether we think about economics or human well-being. We need mental health care, affordable sports facilities, school nurses, services for families…
  • Functioning city for people, not cars
    Espoo has grown more or less here and there without clear vision about what kind of city we want and need. With better planning we can get much better public transfer and many important services near home for most of people. We need good paths for walking and cycling too.
  • Environment and global responsibility
    We have to save precious ecological values in our local environment – there are endangered species and ecotypes in Espoo too! The city should do what it can to prevent climate change and other environmental problems. Sustainable city is ethical, it chooses fair trade and sustainable options everywhere possible.

After writing about my themes in English I realized that there is nothing in Enlish about the green goals in Espoo. So I wrote something more, and there it is!

I have been active in Suur-Leppävaaran Vihreät (Greens in Leppävaara area) since 2003. I am also member of Espoon Vihreät (The Greens in Espoo), and Viite – Tieteen ja teknologian vihreät (The Greens in science and technology).

I am Christian, a member of Leppävaara Lutheran congregation. Sometimes you can meet me in Perkkaa Chapel in Anglican worship service as a small community gathers there every second Sunday at 12:00.

Please ask in the comment section below, if you want to know more!